Past Life Regression

Do you feel that you have lived in another time or place? Perhaps you get a sense of déjà vu when you travel to a new destination or when you meet someone for the first time? 

Speak to someone who has had a Near Death Experience (NDE) and they will absolutely and with no reservation say their experience was far too powerful to dismiss. Just about every culture and religion subscribes to reincarnation and some form of understanding that the human body is merely a vessel for something far greater than we admit to fully understand. 

The soul journey may be debatable for some but for those who genuinely have their own experience; there is no denying the raw visuals, emotions, teachings and healings that weave through us during a Past Life Regression session.

Whether we truly experience a life that our soul has previously experienced as a human or whether we tap into a larger collective consciousness, the idea of traveling back in time to resolve past traumas, seek clarity with our current purpose and to answer questions that are deeply personal is truly life changing. I know because it certainly shifted my life for the better!

Dr Brian Weiss 

Dr Brian Weiss graduated from Yale University School of Medicine in 1970 and proceeded to become head of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami. As a traditional Psychotherapist, he was duly sceptical of anything that had not been rigorously tested via the scientific method. 

One of his own patients though changed his entire worldview as she began to regress beyond this current human lifetime and began to recall what is now known as a Past Life experience. Not only did these experiences heal his client of deep anxieties and phobias, but they also revealed personal details of Dr Weiss’s dead son – information that his client could never have known. 

I have attended a live 3 day workshop with him in person and then proceeded to become fully trained as a Past Life therapist using his regression techniques. Check out this short clip which outlines his journey through regression therapy:     

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

For those looking for a deeper experience, a standard 5hr QHHT session will certainly tick that box! Not only will you experience a Past life, but you will also explore the deepest recesses of your subconscious mind to speak directly with your Higher Self. It is not uncommon to experience deep healings at the emotional and physical level. 

Everything we perceive is merely a form of energy; vibrating to a unique flow governed by the principles that are closely represented in the field of quantum physics. When we view our lives through such a lens, our journey of understanding and remembering who we truly are and why we are here begins to form shape. Are we really here to “work” all week; just to pay “the bills”? What is your true calling? What is the essence of the human experience? 

A QHHT season requires you to bring a list of all the questions you have about yourself as a human, as a soul enjoying a human experience and everything beyond the physical that we rarely learn or discuss in our day to day lives. Check out the QHHT “What does a session look like?” to learn more!